IP Messenger by Shirouzu

12th sejak pertama kali IP Messenger ini dirilis untuk Win16 yaitu ver1.34 [49KB] pada 30 Agustus 1998 hingga versi terakhir ver3.21 [333KB] pada 27 Juni 2011, seorang Jepang bernama H Shirouzu tetap konsisten mendevelope aplikasi indi-nya ini. Aplikasi yang sederhana, ringan dan ringkas untuk sebuah aplikasi LAN Messenger. Berbasis TCP dan UDP/IP dimana tidak memerlukan server khusus ini selain fungsi utama untuk berkirim pesan juga memiliki fungsi transfer file [menggunakn port 2425/UDP], kemampuan mencari dan mendeteksi ‘anggota dalam network’ [melalui port 2425/TCP]. IP Messenger

This is a pop up style LAN Messenger for multi platforms
It is based on TCP/IP(UDP)
It does not require server machine
Simple, lightweight, and compact size

H. Shirouzu
Since 97/09/14

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7

IP Messenger is a pop up style LAN message communication software for multi platforms.
It is based on TCP and UDP/IP.
This software does not require server machine.
Embedded image in message (ver3.00 or later) Folder/file transfer (ver2.00 or later)
RSA2048/AES256/Sha1 Encryption/Sign of message data (ver3.00 or later) RSA/Blofish
Encryption of message data (ver2.00 or later) Simple, lightweight, and free software 🙂
IPMsg software is available for MacOSX, iPhone, Java, X11/GTK/GNOME and all sources supplied with protocol. Please check the URL addresses below. http://ipmsg.org/index.html.en (Android version is open to public in Android Market)

IP Messenger use 2425/UDP port for member detection and message communication, and use 2425/TCP port for file and image transfer.
If those port are blocked by OS or Antivirus software, IP Messenger can’t detect other member or can’t send/receive file or images.
Please open those port.
At startup IPMSG software, you can specify UDP/TCP port number
IPMSG can run at multiple sessions.
For example, using [ipmsg.exe 2426] command, you can contact only people who are using 2426 port.
You can run as much as you want using different port number.

Using more UDP/TCP port number, then 1024 is recommended
(Between 10000 – 60000 may be more safer)
For example, Known NFS software uses 2049/UDP.
Ask network administrator

Specifing NIC (for multi NIC environment)
ipmsg.exe [port] /NIC nic_ipaddr
ex) C:\> ipmsg.exe /NIC

Command Line support
ipmsg.exe [port] /MSG [/LOG][/SEAL] <hostname or IPaddr> <message>
ex) C:\> ipmsg.exe /MSG /SEAL localhost Hello.
Normally use 2425 port for TCP/UDP. (See 8. Appendices)
Use 2425 port only for UDP with no File(Folder) Transfer.
(These ports should be activated when using firewall software.)

Protocol specification comes with source.(Japanese)

Broadcast messaging happens only at [Start/End], [Absencemode], [Refresh], [Change ‘UserName’ or ‘GroupName’].

1. Ctrl+D … boss is coming.(toggle of hide/show windows)
2. Ctrl+RefreshButton … remain existing members, and refresh
3. ALT+Ctrl+’S’/’R’/ … Send/Recv Hotkey (need detail settings)
4. ALT+Ctrl+’D’ … Close old-style message-open notification window
5. Ctrl+F … open search user box in send window

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2 Responses to IP Messenger by Shirouzu

  1. Surojit Bera says:

    This is Good IP Msg Software for LAN/WAN Network.This easy file transfer Software.

  2. Dee says:

    hi ,
    i want to set my log path using command line..it is possible to do so..

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