My Old RIG

Hardware: ASUS P5PE-VM, Intel Pentium 4 (3GHz), 1GB (2x512MB PC3200) DDR, Seagate 68GB (partition C: 52GB, D: 16GB) SCSI (Tecram DC3X5u), Radeon 9100 (AGP) + PSU 380W, Keyboard Simbadda SK928, Display Dell 177FPC, TP-Link TL-WN951N, Epson TMU220AP, Simbadda CST6000

System: Windows 7 Starter N, Office 2003 + CPU-M Benchmark, SeagateDiskWizard, DiskChek 4.3, UltraDefrag, AshampooWinOptimizer 2, Scunia IPS, Scotty Billp Studio, SysGauge v2.7.14, SoftEther VPN, Internet Speed Test v1.3, Ping Plotter v1.10, Foobar2000, TDSSKiller, Minimem, Screamer Radio



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